Bry Tat
I think out government is turning into a socialist government. Look at it! Its creeping up slowly but surely. Little by little, they are taking over more and more thinking for us. I don't know which is worse, the government telling us that we can't eat fatty food if we so choose to, where we can't smoke, or the newest one coming up; that we no longer have the liberty of being free from pain. The FDA has recommended that Vicodin and Percocet be banned because Acetominophen is the leading cause of liver damage. Are you kidding me? What are people with chronic pain supposed to do? What about people who just got out of surgery? They will have two choices, tylenol (not even the extra strength kind) or oxycontin, which is just about the same as heroin. My boyfriend had back surgery a while back, for a month afterwards, if he even breathed wrong, he was in excruciating pain. If he hadn't had the percocet, he probably would not have gotten better as fast as he did. I don't understand it. People have minds, they can think for themselves. They know that alcohol is bad for you, but they drink anyways and destroy their livers. Are we going to go back to Prohibition? (Because we know how well that worked out.) If the government continues on like this, we are going to be just like China, with a government that tells us what to do, and checks up on us all the time. What happened to home of the free and the brave? Now it is more like the home of the kind-of-free and the wimps who no longer think for themselves. This is what happens when Liberals get the majority of the say in how this country is run. I would like to know which freedom is going next. The right to free speech? The right to police not conducting illegal searches and seizures? What's next???
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