Bry Tat
Dear President Obama, I am a recent college graduate who has lost her job to the recession. I say this only to give you a little background so that you can understand my point of view a little better. As a citizen of these United States, I have a vested interested in the outcome of the negotiations in the House and Senate and I would just like to impart some observations that I have made over the past year. Did you know that there is a small quote running around the internet that really demonstrates how people are feeling right now? You must have seen it by now, but in case you haven't time for such frivolous things, I will impart it to you here.
" Dear Congress, Last year, I mismanaged my funds and

this year, I cannot decide on a budget. Until I have come

to a definite decision that fits all of our needs and interests,

I will have to shut down my checkbook and will no longer

be able to pay my taxes. I'm sure you'll understand.

Thank you very much for setting an example we all can


This is a sentiment many of us share, Republicans and Democrats alike. Can you see how things look from our side of the glass? The government has become so partisan that they will fight about anything and always blame the other side. When it came to the budget, the Democrats said the Republicans were holding up negotiations because of Planned Parenthood, and the Republicans claimed that the Democrats hated the Tea Party and refused to cooperate. They can't even agree on what it is they are fighting about. Politicians today have a platform that they stand on, a list of things that they are for or against. Things they believetheir constituents want them to fight for and they will keep fighting and never back down. The problem is, nobody really asks or listens to the constituents, not even when the constituents call and email, trying to get their voices heard, but end up ignored. The people in congress are supposed to represent what the people want. but they have no idea what the people want. Do you know what the people want? They want the government to be run as a reasonable person would run their own household.. By getting their affairs in order and doing what needs to be done. In the real world, if we don't have enough money for something extra, we don't spend money on it. If we can't come to an agreement or get what we want, we compromise. We cut out all the waste. That is one of the things the recession has taught us; to really take stock of what we need and choosing that instead of what we want. If you had listened to the people, wou would have known that we didn't want T.A.R.P. to be passed. One has to let things fail, it cuts out the weak and leaves the strong, it is the natural order of things. Since T.A.R.P. has passed, the money has been spent so quickly that there is no tracking it and almost no oversight. Do you know where that money went? The people who gave it out certainly do not. Waste, complete and utter waste. That money could have been spent where it was needed such as education or infrastructure. Why is it that when there is a problem with the budget, the budget for essential programs are reduced first? Things we need such as schools, policemen, and firefighters. Did you know that "between 1997 and 2003 (I am quoting from a government audit), the Defense Department spent more than $108 million on 270,000 plane tickets that were never used? In 27,000 instances they even paid twice by first paying for the unused ticket and then reimbursing the employees who were supposed to have used them." Waste and spending is so prolific, it seems that the government believes that there is a money tree growing on the white house lawn.

It is time for you to clean house and get your affairs in order. We don't like it when we have to trim our budgets but it has to be done. We don't keep spending money we don't have. We used to, but we have realized and rectified that mistake. Another thing the recession has taught us; not to live beyond our means, which is exactly what the government is doing. You are the representative of our people and the leader of our country; you have to set the example for the rest of the government. If spending cannot be controlled and debt is allowed to go up and up, Americans will be looking to the People's Republic of China for leadership (considering that they own most of our debt) and you will have no job.

So trim the waste, the pork, figure our what is a need, and what is a want, and please learn to compromise. If a five year old can do it, surely the leaers of the country can do it. Right now, all I see is a bunch of five year olds fighting over who gets the biggest piece of the pie.