Bry Tat
Dear Obama,
Please don't veto that defense spending bill. My father works for Lockeed, if you don't sign that contract for those F-22's, my father will be out of a job. So will the other fathers and husbands that will get laid off, and all the vendors that supply the materials will be out of jobs. This would just add to that economic crisis, not help it. Isn't that a little bit opposite of what you claim to be doing? You're looking at this from a defense spending point of view, which would be good if these were normal times. But, they are not. If you buy those planes, people will be able to keep their jobs, and their finances will be stable. Right now, they are worried about losing their jobs, nobody is spending any money. So none of that money is going into circulation. Isn't that a little counterproductive? I know economics isn't your best subject, but surely you have somebody that you pay lot of money to see these things. Aren't you trying to make it so that everyone can be financially stable? Thats what I thought, but so far, I haven't seen you keep any of the promises that you made during your campaign. And that so-called "bailout" of yours didnt do diddly. You gave those lazy fatcats on Wall Street all that money for nothing, no strings. Now you don't know where it went and all we hear about is how AIG is getting more bonuses, 2.4 million of them. Thats more money than I will ever see in my life, but AIG seems to be handing it out like candy, while my fellow students and I are wondering if we will even be able to get a job come graduation. Right now, it's not looking likely.
You see, what you should have done, is give that money to the American people, (it's our money anyways) who would have in turn spent it, (which would have boosted the economy) and saved it, (which would have pulled the banks out of the hole). It doesn't take a genius economist to come up with something like that, I myself made a "C" in economics. The point is, while you're out gallavanting around the world, apologizing for the U.S. and demeaning us to other countries, we are drowning here.
I know you want to improve the U.S. global reputation and our dealings with other countries, but that is not important right now, if we were doing well, that probably would be important, but you can't start spending money until you make it. Oh, I forgot, you don't know that rule, you've already spent more money than my great-grandchildren will be able to pay back.
You need to get a better handle on this or your people will be refugeeing to other countries instead of the other way around.


A very concerned citizen
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