Bry Tat
My mom mentioned that she couldn't wait to hold her own grandbaby (with the mention of course that she didn't mean right now, of course.) My family is very conservative. We are the last of a dying breed. I don't know that there are many children who get brought up the way we did anymore. I don't know why things have changed. I know time moves forward and times change, but do children have to be brought up to be heathens nowadays? I think things started changing once spankings started being frowned upon. I don't understand it, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Before, when a child did something wrong, he got a spanking. Then, for the most part, the children grew up to be upstanding, polite, adults. Not anymore! Now I walk into walmart and hear children back-talking their parents, being rude to other people, using words I have never in my life used. And their parents do nothing! They say that they don't know what to do, they have tried everything. Did they try spankings? It worked for my great-grandparents, my grandparents, my parents, and me. What has changed that it can't work anymore? Nothing except that a stigma has been placed on corporal punishment. When spankings are conducted, they have to be done in secret with the parent making the child swear they won't tell anyone. I bet if we dropped the taboo and brought corporal punishment back into the home. Children wouldn't be growing up to be lying politicians, pirates, and ponzi schemers. My dad has a favorite saying, it is straight out of the Bible, "Spare the rod, spoil the child" I think people should go back to listening to the Bible instead of decrying its usefulness and ignoring it. I think the world wouldn't be in the crisis it is if people just obeyed even the ten commandments.
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