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My Fellow Young Americans,

I watched the President’s address to congress today. If you didn’t, don’t feel bad, you didn’t miss much, the main points of the speech will be recounted over and over again in the media, not to worry! And when I say you didn’t miss much, I mean it. There was so much fawning over the president that I wanted to throw up, honestly, he is an important person, but he is still a person. The way congress received him tonight, you would have thought that he was a movie star and that they were teenage girls, with the clamoring for a handshake before the address and the constant applause; I almost thought that the speaker of the house wasn’t going to be able to attain order before the president could start speaking. The address lasted an hour, but it probably would have been shorter if there weren’t standing ovations every five minutes. I know that the president may have had some things to say that the democrats agreed with, but was it necessary to give him a standing ovation after every point? It really was like a concert with adoring fans.
Don’t worry; I haven’t forgotten the negative attention from the republicans. A senator from the right side (I shall not name him, for he will be recounted as a scoundrel without my help) could not contain his emotion, and burst out with “You lie!” after a statement the president made. This in itself was bad enough, but for the opposing democrats to boo said senator was even more disruptive than the initial outburst!
I have a proposal for Americans, especially young Americans, instead of overhauling healthcare, I recommend that we overhaul congress first. What happened to government for the people? I don’t see a government with its people in mind as it makes decisions that will affect us, I see individuals that have their own agenda in mind as they vote. Whether it is to press forward an agenda that will let the government take over our lives (you scoff, but slowly and steadily, that’s what the democrats are doing) or an agenda that just wants things to stay as they are (this also is not good, but that is what Republicans are contributing). I don’t like either of these choices, and I am sure most of the American people will agree with me. It is just hard to trust people to make decisions for us that do not have to abide by the same rules as we do. They have diplomatic immunity, they vote on their own raises, they do not have to pay for their own healthcare, they get full retirement pay even if they have only served (I use that term loosely) one year. I don’t know any other Americans that enjoy these privileges, why should they? They are supposed to vote as their constituents want them to, but if they choose not to listen, (unless someone is paying attention) there is no recourse.
With the bickering between these two parties over a healthcare that will never be what Americans want, but what congress wants, I say it is time for us to step up. We are the future of the government, as it is, it will be a shambles by the time it is passed down to us. By then, it may be too late; an overhaul is needed, not just for healthcare, but for the government itself. Changes need to be made, and only we can step back and see the problem, so only we can make those changes. Our generation is the future, we can sit back and let it happen, or we can make it happen. I have to say, I have never paid more attention to politics as I have since our last presidential election, and hopefully, you have too, and I hope that in this spirit, we can cross the Right/Left divide and make a change that will benefit Americans, not just congress.

A Concerned Citizen
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